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Showing Individuals in Our Community that We Care

Reaching Out to Kids and Adults in Need

Show your compassion and support for kids in foster care and for adults who are in shelters, VA facilities, and other community members in need by joining forces with us. Our PILLOW-PACK outreach organization is committed to providing comfort and hope to struggling individuals in Wake and surrounding counties in North Carolina. Please help us by donating or volunteering your time.

Making Children and Adults Smile

We help children and adults who live in shelters, foster care, group homes, and safe houses by providing them with PILLOW-PACKs. The bags contain all types items as well as a pillow with an age appropriate sewn decorative cover. The pillow not only provides a physical comfort, but it helps provide emotional support, too — many of those living in facilities don't have much to call their own. We also place cards of encouragement or other communication that includes support in showing others really do care.  Some of the other items we put in the packs include:

• Crafts
• Journals
• Writing Tools
• Personal Care Items like Toothpaste & Toothbrush
• Toys
• Crayons
• Socks
• Books (Drawing, Coloring, Crossword, & Word Search)

Giving the Pillow Packs and Girls Sitting Under Them


Become a Volunteer

Our organization is fortunate to have several community volunteers. From sewing the decorative pillow covers to providing the items that are included in the packs, these individuals help make it all happen. We even have volunteers who make phone calls, buy pillows, write out the cards of encouragement, and deliver our packs to different areas. If you're interested in volunteering, feel free to give us a call or send us an email. 


Make a contribution to our cause today. We accept monetary donations from individuals and groups that want to help our nonprofit thrive. With your donation, we'll be able to buy materials, pillows, and products to create our PILLOW-PACKs. To make a donation on our website, reach out to us on Facebook, or contact us by phone or via email. We appreciate contributions of any amount. We also happily accept donated items from businesses that we can included in our packs.