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Providing Hope for Children, Veterans and Their Loved Ones

About Us

Our nonprofit charitable organization provides hope and comfort to individuals in the Wake County and surrounding areas located in North Carolina.  Our goal is to reach children and veterans in challenging situations to provide an outreach of support for the purpose of making a positive impact during a difficult time.  

Meet Our Founder

Supporting and inspiring children and adults is a passion of our founder, Carol Riddle.   Previously being a foster care parent accepting children into her home she learned that foster children need a special kind of support. Many may not have the chance to grab that special toy, pillow or stuffed animal or even personal care items they may need before being taken into care.  

In 2010, she came up with the idea for the PILLOW-PACK. This special pack provides kids with an emotionally comforting pillow that they could claim as their own - providing an immediate need in helping them feel less overwhelmed and insecure.   Carol also made sure each pack contained other helpful items, such as coloring books and crafts, to help children occupy their time while they wait for their next step of transition.

After donating some of Pillow Packs creations to foster care offices in Wake Forest and Zebulon, she received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. This led her to expand her mission. She now provides packs to children and adults in safe houses and shelters across Henderson, Granville, Wake and Franklin counties.

When parents can no longer stay in their home due to abuse situations, the children are usually taken out of the home with them and placed in facilities. However, many of these locations only have a limited amount of resources. This is where our organization comes in. Our PILLOW-PACKs contain personal care items and other much-needed products for children to focus on.  

In 2016 Pillow Pack Inc was able to include veterans who may be facing life impacting illness or emotional stress creating an opportunity to reach out with a demonstration of caring support.  Our goal is to continue this outreach to those veterans who are also dealing with homelessness as we want veterans to know their service has not been forgotten and their community cares about them.  

Going Through Boxes

Passing Out Bags

Volunteer Handing Out Bags

Supporting Our Veterans

We are currently expanding to show our support to military veterans who are staying at VA facilities in North Carolina. Many of these brave men and women live in these facilities long term, as they can't return home for various reasons. We want to show them their service was appreciated and that we care about them by providing them with PILLOW-PACKs.

Visiting and Supporting Veterans